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Dr. Prateek Sehrawat

MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr. Prateek Sehrawat is a consultant ophthalmologist with MBBS and MS degrees. His specialties include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and refractive errors. A graduate of the prestigious University College Of Medical Sciences and Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, he earned his MBBS and MS degrees.

Experience :

  • Dr Prateek Sehrawat has a 10 years of experience. He worked as a consultant at Kailash Hospital, Dehradun, and Brijlal hospital, Haldwani and currently he is working at the lion's eye hospital, Delhi.

  • Dr. Sehrawat has a vast experience in performing various eye surgeries, including Cataract Surgery, LASIK, Squint and Orthokeratology. He is also knowledgeable in the latest technologies and advancements in ophthalmology, and is committed to providing the best care possible to his patients.

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