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Cornea Treatment

Cornea Transplant

Cornea is a critical part of the eye that focuses light rays on the retina. Any alteration to the cornea caused by disease or stress can lead to vision loss or blurring. Narayana Nethradhama understands the importance of maintaining a healthy cornea and offers advanced diagnostics and treatment options for various corneal disorders.
Our doctors perform a series of exams and tests, including dilation, eye refraction, and slit-lamp examination, to determine the condition of your cornea. Treatment options may include oral medications and corrective measures for less severe cases. At the same time, more serious conditions like Keratosis or Corneal Dystrophy may require surgical intervention to protect the eyes from further damage and discomfort.
For those with worsening keratoconus, corneal collagen cross-linking may be recommended to slow or stop its progression, potentially eliminating the need for a cornea transplant. Eyeglasses or contact lenses may be used to treat mild to moderate keratoconus, while surgery may be necessary for those with corneal scarring or excessive thinning.
Trust the masters of their craft at Narayana Nethradhama to provide exceptional care and expertise for all your corneal care needs.

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